Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday

Apparently today is the day most Americans go Christmas shopping on their computers, earning the it the nickname "Cyber Monday."

Workers waste hours of their company time browsing online catalogs, and placing internet orders with their credit cards. For the leftwing blogosphere, who spend most of their time blogging with one hand on the computer mouse and the other satisfying a dirty need in their pants, the choice between which hand to use to place orders with must be a trying and agonizing one indeed.

I can understand the desire to avoid the whole Christmas shopping experience... big fat moms who have no concept of the space their broad buttocks occupy smack into you as they drag around a screaming kid with his pants full of diaper pies. Bitter old crones argue over pennies with checkout clerks. Suspicious old men masquerade as Santa and promise our children toys.

So how will you shop for the Holidays? Brave the masses, or shop while blogging?

Speaking of Mondays and fat mamas...

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