Monday, November 19, 2007

Replacing DeLuca

No one can really replace the colorful Lou DeLuca. As the Senate Republican leader since the retirement of Dell Eads, DeLuca made up for his occasional inarticulate approach with his passion and candor.

It is a shame that his career was ended by an incredibly foolish error in judgment, but his decision to move off the political stage is welcome and overdue.

The Everyday Republican is reporting that there are currently no less than four Republicans looking to fill the vacated Senate seat DeLuca leaves behind. Among those mentioned are State Representative Arthur O'Neill of Southbury and Watertown Councilman Robert Kane.

What about the Democrats? Word on the street is that one-time DeLuca Challenger and recent Eddie Perez campaign manager Ken Curran may take a shot.

You can see from the photo that according to his T-shirt he would rather be blogging. He certainly wouldn't rather be on a treadmill, or abstaining from donuts. I guess his ALF and Star Trek T-shirts were in the laundry the day they took this photo.

This guy could put the "special" in "special election."


Fly to the right said...

As a resident of the 32nd district, I am looking forward to retaining the seat.

Headless Horseman said...

If Ken Curran is the best they have to offer, I'd say your wager is well-placed for a GOP victory.

However, that isn't to detract from the excellent Republicans who have expressed an interest in running... any one of them should be able to hold the seat.

mccommas said...

You are a mean mean mean man!

I would say off with your head but....

Headless Horseman said...

That's not mean. I could have said much worse.

I reserve the right to do so as the special election unfolds.