Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Drop Pants Not Bombs!

In yet another segment suitable for the annals of "Deep Thoughts From Liberals" comes this clip, showing more brilliant war protesters demonstrating that the path to peace is obtained through exposed buttocks.

What is it liberals have against keeping their pants on, anyway? Has the level of their eloquence on the questions of our age descended to such a low, that it can no longer be properly expressed through the word, and must now be expressed through the ass?

What can we learn from these eggheads? Well, we can clearly see that some of these libs could use a damned-good ass waxing. Especially the women.

We can also see that some of them ought to give their nether-cheeks a rub-down with some Clearasil... no one should protest with pimply buttocks!

Lastly, while these libs might be anti-war, none of them can be much of an environmentalist. Anyone care to guess what kind of air quality anyone near this event was treated to?

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