Thursday, November 15, 2007

DeStefano Helps Himself Again

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano wants a pay-raise. Hey, who doesn't? But he thinks he deserves a $25,000 per year increase, or 22%. That's interesting. What are New Haven taxpayers getting in terms of pay-raises at their jobs? My guess is a more modest number, like 3-5%.

DeStefano currently makes $115,000 annual salary, and was given a significant raise four years ago. But please! Before you pass judgment, here out the Mayor's spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga in her plea for his raise: "Taking into account how hard he works and his commitment to the city, I don't think he's overpaid," she said. Wow... what kind of a raise is SHE hoping to get? And where did he find her? Her friggin' name is "Mayor" with "Ga" at the end of it for God's sake.

New Haven, you have higher taxes, less services, and your Board of Aldermen is about to reward the man who brought it to you with a 22% pay raise. "Here in New Haven for everyone to see... New Haven look what we got... you and me!"

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mccommas said...

You forgot that the good mayor (I am actually thinking “dirtbag” but that’s just in my head and no one can hear me thinking it) is openly flouting immigration federal law.

I will bet you 10 bucks he gets most of it or even all of it.

People are stupid. He is thinking if I can, I will.