Friday, November 23, 2007


In the interest of fairness I should mention that my post of two days ago on Chris Murphy concerning his acceptance of funds from Haven Healthcare was based on information released from Connecticut Republicans which turned out to be incorrect.

Apparently money was pledged to Murphy from Haven CEOs but it never materialized. I would be remiss and lack credibility if I did not acknowledge this as I aim to be accurate in my criticism.

That said, Murphy did still waffle on the question of illegal immigrants obtaining drivers' licenses, and still looks like a 12-year-old going to work in his father's suit.


mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

Seriously is he even old enough to vote?

I hate lawyers. I know that’s not a very sophisticated viewpoint but lets put it this way:

You should never generalize about groups of people and I have always tried not to. I don't like it when people do it to me.

However! There is however an exception to every rule and when it comes to lawyers I don’t think there is a good one in the bunch -- at least not the Democrats.

Republican lawyers – what few there are – don’t seem to be money grubbing moraless 2 dollar whores that would sell their own mother.

Lawyers always seem to be perverting justice and making mincemeat out of the clear unmistakeable meaning of written law (like the takings clause)to mean whatever they want it to mean. I save most of my contempt for those lawyers in black robes that act like Super Legislators and who by and large get away with it.

This guy and the other one in the Second District definitely have done nothing to shatter my generalized beliefs about lawyers.

* * *

How is it that we know of a pledge of support and it got confused with actual contributions? Do you have to report a pledge with the Sec of the State? I don’t understand. My way of thinking is someone either gave you money or they didn’t.

It’s kind of like being pregnant. Either you are or your not. There is no middle ground.

I would be interested in knowing how you got that info about Jr’s voting record as state senator. Was that in the Hartford Commie article? I have not seen that. I will look it up online at school Monday. I am interested in how my state senator voted.

OK. Thats a lie. I know how he voted. I really just want proof! This is a good issue to use next year.