Monday, November 19, 2007

East Haven Mayor Declines New Hairdo

The Courant has a breathlessly enthusiastic piece about the new Mayor of East Haven and her purported focus on ethics. It demonstrates this commitment in the opening lines by detailing how she declined a free trip to the hairdresser preceding her inauguration.

I wonder what T-shirt she did end up wearing to her inaugural event. Did she select the faded Lee jeans with the hole in the right knee, or did she select the stonewashed black Levi's? I think we can all see that this new mayor is the picture of elegance.

However, I will give April Capone Almon credit on her executive order banning gifts. Freebies and exchanges of gifts for political capital are one of the primary things that make politics stink.

East Haven sounds like a fascinating place. The Courant story talks about how it is a town where 'The Sopranos' has a "loyal following." No derision of Italians meant there, I'm sure. Perhaps that's why someone named "A. Capone" did so well there.

But there is more important information here! Apparently she is redecorating the mayor's office. She will rip up Maturo's cigarette smoke filled carpet, and paint the walls yellow. How scrumptious! At least she's paying for it herself.

The really important thing is her promise to cut taxes. We'll see how well she does then, regardless of what her hair looks like or if she has fluffy couches in the mayor's office.


mccommas said...

When I was an intern at the capital in 1992 there were all kinds of freebies being handed out by interest groups.

I most remember those people lining up in the lobby to suck down free wieners.

I got in line because I was broke and starving. Not that I had no cash but because I had hardly any money for food and rent.

I could not pass up a free meal even at the expense of my dignity and ideals. I wonder what the excuses of the elected representatives were?

Headless Horseman said...

You would not be the first intern to suck down a free weiner.

Nor will you be the last.