Friday, March 30, 2007

Johnny Fabs: 340 lbs. of Stupid

Proving that clean living and a sense of decency will probably never be the fashion in Bridgeport politics, Democrat Mayor John Fabrizi appeared Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court to act as a "character witness" on behalf of one Juan Carlos Camacho, a 22-year old convicted sex offender.

Camacho was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for second-degree sexual assault, having a relationship with a 13-year old girl that he managed to get pregnant twice.

Fabrizi stated that Camacho was a friend of his son, and had been to his house. If this is so, Fabrizi may want to check and see if any of his cats or dogs are pregnant.

Fabs, who still holds office after confessing to having been a cocaine user last summer while occupying Bridgeport's executive post, apologized on Wednesday for his poor judgment in appearing on Camacho's behalf.

One has to wonder who was helping who? Does the coke-head's association with the sex offender help the public image of the coke-head or the sex offender?

Meanwhile, the man Fabrizi replaced, Joe Ganim, remains in prison for bribery and corruption.

Bridgeport continues to do Connecticut proud.

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