Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Evil Pays a Visit

By now the entire state is aware of the horrible triple murder last week in Cheshire which left a mother and her two daughters dead, and a very badly beaten father in mourning. The details are quite gruesome, and have left most of us outraged.

The act appears to have been a random. The mother and youngest daughter were spotted by two ex-con petty theft drug addict types at a Stop and Shop, were followed home, and at 3:00 in the morning, they broke in and committed their vile crimes.

Connecticut has not executed anyone since serial killer Michael Ross in 2005. But this case clearly deserves the death penalty, and thankfully, that is what is being sought.

There may be no punishment that fits the crime here... even if the state could somehow set these monsters naked in a room full of starving Rottweillers with their scrotums painted in gravy, the results would be too good for them.

None of these beasts served their full sentences for prior crimes. Granted, none of their prior crimes were considered "violent." But when someone serves 50% of their sentence, that isn't Truth in Sentencing, that's Half-Truth in Sentencing.

Also, implementing the death penalty takes far too long in this state. It seems Death Row inmates are likely to die of old age before they get executed. Even Michael Ross was executed only after he gave up his generation-long legal battle. Had he fought on, he would still be alive today.


mccommas said...

I think we should bring back Old Sparky.

Thats a proper execution method.

Headless Horseman said...

You know, I am in favor of the electric chair. I also don't have a really big problem with a firing squad or hanging.

There's too much effort to make it comfy for the executed.

As long as he ends up dead without being tortured, it's all good to me.

mccommas said...

Awww. What happened to Headless Horseman?

Did he die?