Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nipple Power

How embarassing. Apparently the president elect, who will need to go to work stimulating the economy in January has been hard at work stimulating other...areas.

Turns out one of the hottest Yahoo! searches recently has been "Obama Shirtless." This, apparently triggered by a trip to Hawaii where Obama did what most would do at the beach... take off his shirt. This has evidently caused a number of liberal women to spontaneously ovulate in front of their computers. And, I imagine, a few liberal dudes to drop an egg or two as well.

John F. Kennedy, it may be recalled, stirred many young women into filthy self-awareness with photos of himself at the beach as well back in the 60's. But he was not the first. Grover Cleveland's 36 DDD juggs caused quite a stir in a not-so-well-known topless photo shoot. Also, an engraving of Martin Van Buren's ample nude cleavage was said to be very popular among lonely America soldiers departing for the Western frontier.

The power of the nipple is not to be underestimated... especially when you consider the boob it is attached to.

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