Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dim Bulbs Prevail: Democrats Dump on Gas Tax Cut

With their first chance to offer real and significant relief from energy prices, Democrats have decided to continue turning the screws on Connecticut motorists. A Republican amendment offered today in the Finance Committee that would have implemented the GOP 25-cent Gas Tax Holiday was defeated on party-lines, 31-14.

Democrats claim they are fighting for the middle class... a curious position to maintain when you have just voted against letting motorists save up to $5.00 per fill-up. The state has a nearly $900 million surplus this year, and Democrats have proposed blowing that, while increasing spending by $2 billion.

They have the audacity to claim they are cutting taxes for 90% of residents, and as I've discussed here before, they are raising taxes in other areas, and you will find your tax burden has gone up if they get their way.

The stubbornness of Democrats to reduce tax burdens, their complete unwillingness to to make any real decisions or offer any true leadership is a direct result of their super majority status. They are arrogant, and will stop at nothing to drain our pockets and hamper our economy.

Let's look at what some of these Democrat brain boxes had to say about the Gas Tax Holiday proposal. Jim Amann: "This is an irresponsible and half-baked scheme by the Republicans to appease the public with pennies, while costing over $120 million." Well, which is it Jim? Is it pennies or is it $120 million?

Incidentally, pennies would be more than Amann and his majority Democrats have proposed to save anyone. Their promised "Energize Connecticut" plan, which we were supposed to rejoice over the unveiling of last January has been held up because of internal squabbles among the Democrats. This is last year repeating itself, and it doesn't pass for leadership.

Energy chairman Steve Fontana (D-North Stoning-Haven) weighed in with the heft of his intellect, saying he'd rather invest the money in buying trains, building bridges, and encouraging more hybrid and electric vehicles. Perhaps he can spend the money developing a car that runs on the dung of all the elephants whose lives he has worked courageously to save this session. God knows he hasn't been working on any energy legislation.

House Republicans will likely offer this amendment again and again. I hope Connecticut residents take notice of who is actually proposing bills to offer them relief, and who are making themselves stubborn obstacles to progress.


Vader, Chad said...

I could not agree more with you, Headless. Rep. Steve Fontana-Urban (D-North Havengton)and the rest of his Democratic blowhard counterparts in Hartford has no intention of passing any meaningful energy reform. After all, if they did pass something, what would they run on next fall? They are shameless in their lack of competent governance and their days in power are numbered. Connecticut's electorate is finally seeing the light. Those who aren't voting with their feet will vote for major changes in Hartford next fall. It can't happen soon enough.

ConnecticutYankeeInFlorida said...

vader, chad:

Those DIMBULBS (the 'humans?' controlling the state house and senate) are proposing a bill that will cause environment damage!! Those new style bulbs have MERCURY in them!!
Also, 99% of those bulbs are not 'MADE IN THE USA', but in China!