Wednesday, May 23, 2007


House Democratic Leader Chris Donovan, a union shill forever in the throes of a love affair with your money, thinks cutting your gas tax 25 cents per gallon is a “short-term, three month gimmick.” His actions today prevented the House from taking up and voting on the GOP proposal of a Gas Tax Holiday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Speaker Jim Amann has a different line of evasive tripe he’d like you to believe. In the online Hartford Courant he is quoted as saying “we don’t control world economics. Wasting time on gas tax debates that are fruitless doesn’t make any sense to me.” In other words, he expects you to believe that ever-shifting faceless global mechanisms are the cause of our 25 cent gas tax, not an act of the legislature.

House Republicans continued to press for their popular proposal for a Gas Tax Holiday, eliminating the 25 cent per gallon state tax on gasoline between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The measure would save motorists around $120 million, and could save drivers over $5 every time they fill their tank. And despite what Amann says, we don’t have to form an Illuminati to control world economics to do it.

The Democrats were surprised by the GOP amendment, and scrambled; cutting off discussion before it even started when Donovan moved to "PT" or pass temporarily. That maneuver showcased the powerful Democrat supermajority for what they really are: cowards unwilling to part with any of our money that pays for all the spending they want to do, and unwilling to cast a vote telling the public they want motorists to get stuffed.

In the midst of it all sits Jim Amann, proud, arrogant and revolting... like a chubby cat licking himself.

With nearly $900 million in surplus funds from overtaxing everyone in the state, you’d think our General Assembly would be able to cut you some slack with Connecticut gas prices at an all-time high.

There are two reasons you won't see a gas tax cut. The first is the sad reality that Democrats really believe you don’t pay enough taxes. They think you ought to pay more. And there isn’t one thin dime you have that they don’t want.

The other reason is that the eco-geeks in the Democratic party believe that high gas prices are good because it encourages conservation, the use of mass transit, and is better for the environment. These redwood-humpers could care less about what it does to the state's economy, jobs, or your wallet.


Clint said...

RE Donovan and Tough Guy canning the chance to give us a break on gas prices: I feel the love.

And I don't want anyone humping MY redwoods

The Real Bob Anthony said...

Which is why for the most part the environmentalist movement is full of COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, AND ANARCHIST MOVEMENTS!

And to those treehumpers, I hope yo get a few dozen splinters "down there!"

kingdomcome said...

why is chris caruso's gas, tax free?

Robert said...

Even when they collect all the money they don't spend it on the right things. Hydrogen fuel cells should have been perfected 10 years ago. The solution to so many problems yet it will make so many very rich people slightly less rich; so therefore it is being ignored.