Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amann Tanks

Jim Amann would probably get circumcised live on a Japanese game show if it meant he could pull in a few extra bucks. He is always looking for the angle to vacuum up loose cash, either by abusing his political post to benefit himself as a fundraiser for a charity, or by trying to take a six-figure state job WHILE being a fundraiser WHILE running for governor.

Apparently the pressure was too much, and Amann has announced he will not take the job. But let's be clear... based on Amann's track record of indifference to public opinion considering his ethics on such questions, it is unlikely that he made the principled call and stood down.

No, it is far more likely that he was told by the new speaker, Chris Donovan, that he couldn't go through with it. Donovan has been getting tremendous heat over the past few days for the foolish decision, and probably balked.

So, problem solved? Not so fast. Despite the fact that this distasteful deal was never executed, it demonstrates the grotesque lack of judgment and inability to grasp the fiscal circumstances gripping the state that consumes Chris Donovan. It is frightening that Donovan apparently thought this was a reasonable deal, only to fold when the voices around him got too loud.

Donovan has failed one of his first major tests as Speaker, and has set a poor example of leadership.

Now THAT'S Connecticut Democrats, and THAT'S business as usual.


mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

Don't think that your way with words goes unappreciated Headless! Keep ‘em coming. Check out the zinger I’ m closing with. Pretty good huh???

I guess the lesson I have learned is Connecticut Democrats (and just the Dems) only have to do the right thing when they get caught and are forced to. I wonder what they are getting away with (only because we just don’t know about it) all the time. Maybe Amann has another job lined up? There’s stuff we don’t know about this story.

Kind of like the Merrill’s rat. She got caught but then no harm came to her. She didn’t lose her chairmanship. She didn’t have to resign. She didn’t even get bad press in the local rags up here. Merrill’s unconstitutional, Catholic-bashing law got passed a year latter and she got promoted to Majority Leader. Expect more of the same.

The toilet in a crack house is cleaner than the ethics in Hartford.

Headless Horseman said...

A pastoral image you have created with your wordsmithing. Well done mccommas!