Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Late Night Drive

It has been reported that State Representative and Deputy Speaker James O'Rourke (D-Cromwell) was the last person to see a woman alive who was later found dead.

The woman, Carol Sinisgalli, an employee of the State Department of Motor Vehicles, turned up dead having frozen to death after she was seen leaving a bar with O'Rourke. Police do not suspect foul play, and O'Rourke stands accused of nothing, however the details that have emerged thus far are sketchy.

On January 21st, they were both at a bar called O'Leary's Digger McDuff's in Rocky Hill... not known for being a classy establishment. Sinisgalli, 41, aparently had an altercation with some dude in a wheelchair. The police were called, and she left the bar in a hurry leaving behind her shoes and purse.

She jumped into the backseat of O'Rourke's car sans shoes and purse. O'Rourke apparently dropped her off later in the middle of a residential street, and her frozen corpse was discovered the following day by a cross-country skier.

I'm sorry but that's a wierd story. She was fighting with a guy in a wheelchair? He dropped her off in the street in the freezing cold without her shoes or her purse?

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but there's more to this story we have yet to be shocked by.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

What is it with Democrats, booze, women and cars?

Connecticut Man1 said...

ACR: You could ask Healy. He does have personal experience in most of that. I am certain he has to deal with Democratic party members on occasion, and we all know about his 3 DUIs. Though, I can't say that he knows about women. For one thing, I don't know him well enough. Second thing, he is Republican. lol jk

Headless: I am guessing that you were a little excited typing this post since you wrote it "wierd", and I would be mildly shocked if you were into brainfuck and befunge. Only mildly. (To myself, it may as well be a foreign language?)

This is very strange story. And I would not be surprised to hear more.

Do you ever get the feeling that the rabid fringe Bloggers (left and right) are more "normal" than our wacky politicians?

Headless Horseman said...

"What is it with Democrats, booze, woman and cars?"

I suspect it is the same thing that afflicts them when it comes to our money... they don't know how to handle it.

CTMan, I think you're on to something... for the reputation bloggers have as being out there, it doesn't hold a candle to the distorted and twisted reality politicians live in.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...
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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Connecticut Man1 said...
>>You could ask Healy

Do you want to grow up and be like Keith Crane or Ed Anderson?
It's a hell of a thing to go through life fat and stupid.

Healey hasn't had a drink in years now and his last wake up call was the best thing that's happened to the CT Republican Party in several decades.

He's sharp, bright, speaks even better than he writes and he writes really well.

On top of that, he's the 1st chair we've had in 30 years that can actually administer anything.

Headquarters has had no labor turnover, he's attracted and kept a mix of Mensa members and political war horses.

Our headquarters staff can kick your headquarters staff's ass any day of the week.
(Hell, our finance director has more brain cells she doesn't even use, than most groups of 10 people have between them.)

Further, even after a lousy year where the RNC repeatedly came into CT using us like an ATM draining OUR donors and returning -0- to the CT GOP; we closed the year in the black.

Unless you're Jesus Christ, you're not perfect either; knock it off with the Healy/booze cracks - they're old.

Connecticut Man1 said...

ACR: I think it's great if Healy has given up drinking since his troubles down south a little over a year ago. And while he is, no doubt, a pretty funny guy in his writings but they amount to little more than cheap theatrical stunts, like the "fat drunk and stupid comment" as republicans walked out from doing their jobs epitomizes the Mensa like thinking and strategies you are talking about. (As a side note: I am overqualified for Mensa - the reason I don't put much stock in that org nor the tests).

You Bloggers are smart, I give you that even if I disagree with a heck of a lot of your politics, so you must recognize the damage that some of the strategies of the GOP are causing to your side? Not just on the state level but on the national level as well.

Beyond Obama's recent strategies, the same could be said of a lot of the Dems' leadership. (But much remains to be seen there. We really have only seen Obama's election strategies - and only a bit of his governing one's)

If I were a gambling man (I am not), I would be willing to bet that Bloggers could do a better job than the politicians, not only at presenting their ideas in a clash of ideology, but in coming to compromises that would work for everyone.

Why? Because most of understand and believe in what we are doing (we really give a damn) and, more importantly, we are all the ones that are on the receiving end of the flush that comes out of our governments - local, state and national. And regardless of which side is in charge.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Correction: Year and a half on Healy's last DUI.

mccommas said...

Connecticut Man1

Do you think you might sometime soon make an argument without resorting to moral relativism?

What does the state GOP chair have to do with the price of tea in China anyway?

I think you could have just as effectively defended O'Rourke by bringing up the Colonists shabby treatment of the Native Americans.

As for O'Rourke, no matter what the circumstances that was no way to treat a lady. Or anyone else for that matter. He should have gone back for her shoes and purse if she was to upset to do it. I would have. And he should have brought her home or at least somewhere warm. Dropping the poor lady in the middle of the night, in the middle of now where when she was probably tipsy from the booze is just crazy.

I don’t suppose there is any law against that but it sure if definitely irresponsible.