Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anus Detonates

Usually I'm not so blunt, but Jim Calhoun is an asshole. So much in fact, that he doesn't even deserve a clever twist of phrase or humorous subtlety to expound on the notion.

Ken Krayeske, the "reporter" asking the question to Calhoun was definitely asking a question that was a little inappropriate at the venue. We have come to expect little propriety from Krayeske at this point though, have we not? Regardless of the timing, Calhoun's reaction is disgraceful, ignorant and shows us the tender pink parts of him we have all come to know and love.

There are state employees making a sliver of his massive $1.6 million salary who are taking unpaid furlough days because of the budget deficit, and the arrogance with which he dispatched the suggestion of his giving anything back in this time of crisis is vulgar.

Calhoun is a terrific liberal Democrat who certainly can't part with one thin dime of his money seeing as he donates so much of it to Democratic candidates.

I would like to close the deficit with his $1.6 million salary,and we could fill the rest of the gap with his massive unweildy and unattractive head.


mccommas said...

Oh so this is what everyone is talking about. I heard the name Calhoun banted about in the peripheral and thought it must be someone other than the coach. But no; it is him. Interesting....

A little hasty math of mine shows he takes 13.33333% what he claims to bring in. That’s a nice cut, eh?

I donno. I think he had a point but that’s still a lot of money for coaching basketball.

Maybe we can get that guy that coaches the gals to do double duty?

All my male friends at work watch and talk about the Huskies but they mean the girls. They are very devoted fans but could not care less about their male counterparts.

No one watches the guys at least not in my circles. All the t-shirts I see are for the girls, never the guys.

I asked one of them once why not and he said the men are all assholes. Now we know where they get it from.

On a different cord isn't it interesting to see the reaction of a liberal when class envy is thrown in his face?

'That money is MINE MINE MINE!!' He would never get away with that if he was a Republican.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I didn't know his politics before or after thinking that his response stunk. The way I look at it is that sports are just supposed to add a little to a college education. Sadly, many college teams are just minor league farm teams for the pros that chew kids up and spit them out lacking the needed education.