Friday, February 6, 2009

Rosa for Health and Human Services

The Obama administration has compiled an excellent record thus far of vetting its appointments. The same man who had the temerity to criticize how John McCain had vetted Sara Palin now has had numerous appointments tank because they had nasty secrets. A significant portion of the these folks had serious tax delinquencies.

It is difficult to imagine how that could be when Joe Biden himself declared it to be patriotic to pay more taxes!

At any rate, the latest candidate to shit his political bed is Tom Daschle, the former Senate Democratic leader, who was Obama's initial pick to become Secretary of Health and Human Services. Obviously, in Obama's continued implementation of change, he picked yet another withered politico who spent decades in Washington. His large unpaid tax bill caused his withdrawal. No word on Vice President Biden making any remarks on his being un-American.

Despite no evidence to support it, there is now speculation that Obama may select US Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut's 3rd District to serve in the post.

Has DeLauro been approached by Obama? No. Has DeLauro approached Obama? No. Has there been any communication between the two on the subject, or inquiry by the administration? No.

But she did apparently let Rahm Emanuel stay at her Washington residence, so she MUST be under consideration.

This is the second round of unfounded spin propagated by the legitimate media as well as the Connecticut's liberal blogosphere to attempt to promote DeLauro.

She's been working hard on the peanut scare! This qualifies her apparently.

And she may or may not be qualified for the post. But I think someone whose visage could make milk curdle should not be responsible for the agency that combats foodborne illness.

I think these liberals are drinking too much Romulan ale.


Judy Aron said...

Yes - but don't we truly need a Romulan look-a-like in the HHS post?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

If she goes, (....let us pray that she does...) it'll finally be time to wheel Tom Scott back out.

mccommas said...
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mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

If it will get her out of Connecticut, I will write a glowing letter of recommendation for her!

Yes, we need Tom Scott. He will have an excellent chance in a special election. I hope this isn't just speculation.

Besides, the poor dear has been passed over so many times even I feel sorry for her.

Nice glasses.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Yes, we need Tom Scott.

I just finished an email to him and Joe Markley.

Let's go - Tom must be rested and ready by now, let's get him suited up and ready.

Headless Horseman said...

Tom Scott? Come on... I like him, but what has he been up to in the last twelve years?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Radio & Real Estate.

Scott's been making money and raising it for the party as well.

I attended an expensive reception in Milford for McCain's Hotel Hilton roommate a few months ago for example; that Scott pulled out his hat on very short notice.

mccommas said...

I think we may be counting our chickens before they are hatched but I must say that Tom Scott has the name rec and his message would resonate in today’s climate. That is a very Democrat district but a Republican will have a much better chance in a special election.

I will predict Republicans will do very well in all the special elections for the next two years. Recall how well we did in 1993? Clinton started his term with much the same contraversary as the current guy. And in the special elections that came that year it was one Republican after another. -- Coverdell, Hutchinson, and so on. History is showing signs of repeating itself.

I don't listen to talk radio but if Scott has been a host all these years he has a base already. That's money in the bank.

A new person will not have the resources Scott does and Scott is a real conservative. Once he is in, he will have the powers of incumbency and just might hold on to the seat in 2010.

On the flip side he will get some really bad press. The Courant will pull out all the stops to make sure he doesn’t win. Any Republican that has a chance would get bad press.

I better get started on that letter…. Can you all think of a good reason why he should pick DeLauro?

How about diversity? Are their any other Romulans in the cabinet?