Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let Him Starve

I am getting fatigued hearing about inmate William Coleman and his retarded hunger strike. Coleman, convicted of rape, wants to be able to put on his hunger strike in protest of his conviction. He claims that being force-fed violates his human rights.

This is the kind of senseless idiocy that, when given credence by the media, becomes blown out of all proper proportion. As a result, we've given him a larger stage and a greater platform to get attention than ever before. He deserves to be ignored. He isn't a human rights poster boy!

I wanted to gag the other evening watching on the news as this ass clown testified with damp eyes about his human rights being violated as officials force fed him nourishment through a tube so he wouldn't die.

Where was his concern for human rights when he was raping his victim? He didn't seemed too concerned about such rights then. He complained about the pain he felt as they inserted a nasogastric tube into his nose to feed him. It's not nearly so bad or repulsive a thing as what he inserted into his victim. If they really wanted to give him a personal violation on par with what put him in prison they would feed him through his backside using a traffic cone.

If this man wants to starve himself to death, let him. Haven't they heard we have a budget deficit?


mccommas said...

I'm with you.

The King said...

I agree. Give the SOB 10 minutes with the family of the victim. You won't have to worry about his gay pathetic little hunger strike.