Monday, May 12, 2008

Also Ran

If there's a place to get unfiltered news in the Connecticut political blogosphere, I think we all know it's the glorious Corner Report.

They have an interesting look at someone else who is running for the 5th Congressional District seat other than incumbent Chris Murphy and Republican challenger David Cappiello. It's Harold Burbank II. Not to be confused with Harold Burbank I, who is equally well-known. And he is running as (surprise!) a Green Party Candidate.
You can read the sonorous gassive by going to the source, but I warn you... its length and subject matter are both unpardonably beyond their scope.

Burbank is giving the 5th district a choice other than Republicans and Democrats. Among the sensible policies he advocates is the impeachment and trial of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for treason and war crimes.

Burbank has offered a "Kennebunkport War Crimes Model Indictment Ordinance." This basically conveys powers to a municipality to "investigate, arrest, prosecute, sentence and refer for further action any known or suspected war criminal in a town or city." Naturally, I am sure Burbank would oppose the authority of city police to check if someone is an illegal alien, but now he wants municipalities to arrest and prosecute war criminals.

Burbank then offers us this classic in raving egghead moonbat chatter: "It clearly can be if a proper ordinance is passed. It would be remarkable if Fifth District towns passed local ordinances against war criminals, making towns and cities war crimes and war-criminal free zones, which obviously could be applied to Bush and Kissinger."

America is a great country. Anyone can run for public office, even if they are a disillusioned, obsessive, pseudo-intellectual who has done WAY too much acid in the 60's.

Also running for Congress in the 5th District are a pairof size nine shoes, a Dachshund named Fred, and a magic elf who refuses to give his name or he can be forced to give up his treasure.

NOTE: The above photo was stolen by me from CT News Junkie, who apparently stole it from the Corner Report, who I suspect may have lifted it off of But I can't be certain about that.


Judy Aron said...

Oh Thank God this guy isn't a Libertarian. LOL.

Headless Horseman said...

It reminds me of a quote to whom I am not sure of the attribution, but it is fitting.

"Genius has its limitations. But stupidity is not thus handicapped."

What I think are the "out there" aspects of Libertarians, whom I consider friendly cousins politically, in no way can be compared to the outrageous absurdities that are the dogma of the Green Party.

Judy Aron said...

Whew.. I am glad to hear you say that. LOL.

Actually, I wonder if you know that the Green party has actually been renamed by many as the "Watermelon party" because as we all know they are Green on the outside but "Red" on the inside.

Ah - what would we do without Earth friendly Communists. I guess their idea of recycling is taking stuff away from you to give to someone else.

mccommas said...

Albert Einstein said that.

And that's great Judy. "Watermelon party". I love it. In my town our chief elected official is a Green though she wisely ran as an independent. She was not elected as a Green though that is her registration. I have been trying to get the press to see that distinction with no success.

But I can top your nut Headless. My nut is in Bernard Goldberg's "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America". Ingrid Newkirk is a "PETA" co-founder and is #49 on Bernies' list.

It is in her will that her body is to Bar-B-Qed when she dies and eaten.

She wants her skin to be fashioned into shoes and purses.

She wants her liver sent to France where it will also be eaten -- liver pate anyone?

Ms Newkirk once complained in a letter to "His Excellency" Yasser Arafat when a mule was used to deliver a bomb. Asked by a Newsweek columnist if she would write him back and ask he also stop blowing up people she refused.

She doesn't want lab rats being used to cure dying children. They are all mammals you see....

But wait. I save the best for last. Just keep in mind that PETA is a main stream organization. Or it has that reputation anyway.

“Six million people died in concentration camps, but SIX BILLION broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.

— The Washington Post, Nov 1983

Judy Aron said...

Hey, I think I ate several of those chickens.... they were good too :)

Trees are living things too - do PETA people sit in wooden chairs? Oh the inhumanity of fashioning chairs out of trees.

Does PETA wish to do away with the food chain? I mean those awful coyotes prey on defenseless bunnies everyday - when will all this senseless killing and eating end?

(eye roll)

mccommas said...

I was thinking about that too Judy.

How are they going to get the wild kingdom's carnivores to go vegetarian after they succeed in getting us humans to do it? And what would happen if they got lions to eat grass instead of zebras? We would have a zebra explosion so then they would have to teach the zebra's birth control methods...

Who knows? Maybe if the perverts that want to pornographically put condoms on bananas in front of classes of six year olds are preoccupied than maybe all this is a good thing....

I am always reminded of the Rita Rudner joke that she once hired a vegetarian moving company but they were to weak to pick up furniture.

I think I heard that over ten years ago but I never forgot it.