Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Super Duper Special Session

The state legislature is finishing up "Doing Nothing" tonight in Hartford. And before they have even finished the hard work of doing nothing they are planning another session!

So says CT News Junk. What could make majority Democrats want to come back for a special session and why before this one is even done? Naturally they want to institute a tax! The real estate conveyance tax is scheduled to sunset this summer, and they can't let that happen. They also aren't calling it before the end of the session because the GOP will try again to attach an amendment with their version of the budget to it.

The session ends when the clock strikes midnight, and then it's game over. You can still catch the festivities on TV!

If you really want a treat, watch CTN, and you can observe for yourself your democracy at work. God knows that when Captain Joseph Wadsworth hid the colonial charter in that oak tree, he prayed one day our self-governance would evolve to the point of televised images of General Assembly members sucking down orange Fanta with whoopie pie crumbs all over their bellies.

Jefferson would be proud.

So here comes the special session to raise your taxes. Enjoy.

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