Thursday, May 15, 2008

"No Dead People Voted"

"No dead people voted," proclaimed Secretary
"Sledgehammer" Susan Bysiewicz. This was the finding following an investigation by our Secretary of State into the business that was exposed by journalism students at UConn last month.

The journalism students determined that across Connecticut nearly 9,000 people who were deceased had been recorded as showing up to vote post-mortem.

This prompted Sledgehammer Susan to, just for a moment, hit the pause button on pretending to be our other attorney general by injecting herself into issues like Broadwater, which her office has no official role in, and focus on something that actually falls under the role of the office she actually holds. She launched what is clearly a comprehensive investigation into the allegations of how dead people were somehow being recorded as having voted.

Her results? "No dead people voted." Well. No shit. No actual dead human beings rose from their graves, sauntered into polling places and cast votes? You needed to launch an investigation to establish that? Well done.

The concern here obviously isn't that the dead are actually voting, it's that other people are voting using their names fraudulently. Bysiewicz claims that absolutely none of the votes cast in the name of the dead were fraudulent.

Certainly, as she points out, clerical errors and mistakes can understandably account for some of these. But a full 9,000 of them? Oh come on.

She now claims 80% of the dead voters cited by UConn have been erased from the voter rolls. Why not 100%? Are her investigators still checking some pulses?

The way something like this happens is when a politician who is unhappy and unsatisfied with the office she holds lusts for other offices (ie: attorney general or governor) and pays more attention on attaching her name to issues she is uninvolved with than she does with running the office she has been charged with.

Bysiewicz, as a result, has made herself reactive to a simple book-keeping matter where she ought to have had a proactive policy in place. School students did her job for her. We call that incompetence.

On the other hand... there is this footage from last year outside the polls in New Haven...


Judy Aron said...

It would be nice if Susie B advocated for people having to actually show proof of citizenship when they register to vote. This "signing your name and swearing" simply isn't enough.

I'd really like to know how many illegal aliens are voting in CT, especially in sanctuary cities.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see if any dead illegal aliens were voting in CT too. (ok, well maybe that's a stretch)

mccommas said...


When I read your claim that over 3oo dead people were recorded as voting I thought you had lost your head --again. Frankly I didn't believe you.

Not for an instant.

I was disappointed that you blew your credibility with that utterly preposterous statement -- until I read the link to the original UCONN press release. If that detail was in the news story I read than I missed it. How did I miss that?

Things are far more grave (ha ha get it?) than I first thought. I thought it was bad enough to have the tempting opportunity for fraud but here we find out 'dead people' have been voting.

300 is to way way way to large a number for these all to be mistakes. If these are all mistakes than we got some pretty stupid boobs manning the voting booths. Certainly those folks who never voted until after they died are fraud. What else could it possibly be?

I think unless Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewiczc can prove there hasn't been wide scale fraud she will have to resign. Sledgehammer certainly didn't do that with her recent press conference which I saw on CT-Network channel (CT's own C-SPAN). My eyebrow did raise some when she claimed there was no fraud and those few names that were crossed off as voting were just clerical errors.

Clerical errors? How would she know that I thought? She sounded pretty sure of herself so I thought that those incidents were few. Well that serves me right for trusting a proven liar. (I wonder what that Scarletter woman thinks of all this....)

Regarding the excuses of mislaid death certificates and the like, why not link the registrars with the Social Security Dept? Would that make to much sense? They know whose alive and whose not, don't they? They certainly know better than say the Norwich Bulletin!

I don't see any other way to keep the list current unless we establish some enormous national data base but why duplicate what the Social Security Dept has already done? Watching the obits and mailing around pieces of paper is such an analog way to go about it in the digital age.

Whats more this problem was entirely predicable. There is no reason why this should surprise the Secretary of the State.

Lets hope Ms. Bysiewicz's replacement is more savvy and up on the times.