Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dem State Rep. Paid Settlement for Sex Abuse Allegations

Well... speaking of child molesters, according to the Torrington Register Citizen, Democratic State Representative George Wilber from Colebrook paid to settle allegations that he sexually abused an 11-year-old girl in a deal reached during his tenure as a state legislator.

Wilber claims he is innocent of the charges, but paid the $100,000 settlement which required him to refinance his property. In paying the settlement he claims he"took the high road."

The alleged victim, who is now in her 40's, is said to have been abused by Wilber from the time she was 11 years old until she was 18.

In claiming the accusations were false, "I coached Little League," Wilber said.

It is certainly of note that despite his proclaimed innocence, Wilber paid out such a large settlement that required him to refinance his property. It is also of note that he apparently coached an 18-year-old girl in Little League... just a bit old to be in Little League.

Certainly one must technically presume innocence here, particularly as Wilber has, according to the Torrington Register Citizen, never been the subject of a criminal investigation. However, it does strike me as a bit strange that he would be willing to pay out such a sum instead of fight to clear himself if he is in fact innocent.

Perhaps Wilber is innocent of the charges. Then again, maybe one of these signs should go in his yard... you know... just to be on the safe side....

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