Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who are the Real Pumpkinheads at Halloween?

Registered Sex Offenders in Maryland will be required this Halloween to post this Jack-O-Lantern sign prominently on their front door, to prevent Trick-Or-Treaters from interacting with them.

Naturally, the American Civil Liberties Union is opposing the signs, because child molesters have a right to pass out candy to kiddies...

I admittedly do not know what the State of Connecticut has in place concerning Halloween and registered sex offenders. Hopefully they have something in place that is similar, and I would appreciate anyone who knows filling me in on this.

I am well aware of one former state legislator from Pomfret, named after the president of the Confederacy, whose ideas of what kinds of treats children enjoy has landed him on this state's sex offender registry. Hopefully he will not be handing out any candy this year.

At Halloween time especially, consider the fact that liberal legislators like Judiciary co-chair Mike Lawlor are in support of a shadow sex offender registry where certain sex offenders never appear on the registry, and they will never be required to hang a sign like this on their door.

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mccommas said...

Bad link on The ACL story.

Thats just crazy. That law seems perfectly reasonable to me.

I guess liberals only want us to think of the children when we are voting for bloated Education budgets.