Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tom Christiano - "Unwittingly" Screwing Trumbull

H/T to Magic Rat once again.

Tom Christiano is a Democratic State Rep from Trumbull who, in this little clip, reveals what I think is a chronic problem with most rank and file Democrats in the state legislature. They let their leaders do their thinking for them. They don't read bills, they just vote for what they are told to vote for. Even if it means they induce him to vote for something, say an unfunded mandate, which he promised he would never vote in favor of.

I give Christiano some credit here. He actually admits that he isn't doing his job, won't do his job, and can't do his job. That is, when he actually even bothers to show up to do it.

The rest of colleagues pretend to be competent. Not Christiano. Bravo, sir!

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