Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wilber's Fall

Diddling children can be bad for your political career. And apparently it's bad for your health as well when such an event is finally exposed.

Democratic State Representative George Wilber of Colebrook has apparently announced that the public revelations of a three-year-old settlement he reached with a woman he allegedly molested when she was a child have injured his health and he will resign.

House Speaker James Amann apparently knew about the allegations years ago, but according to the Hartford Courant, did nothing because Wilber denied them and no criminal charges were filed. Says Amann: "This information appears to have been purposely leaked to the media on the eve of an election, which strongly suggests it was done to achieve maximum political impact."

Interesting. Well, perhaps dropping the dime on Wilber was politically motivated by whoever did it. But then again, participating in the cover-up of a potential child molestation case to preserve in office one of your rank-and-file Democratic members could also be said to be poltically motivated too, could it not Mr. Speaker?

GOP Chairman Chris Healy and House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero have called for an explanation of the settlement, as they should.

Wilber has claimed the revelations have injured his health. If he needs to Add that as an excuse as he slithers away from public office, so be it.

Democrats will not be able to add a candidate to replace Wilber should he in fact submit a resignation, as the deadline to fill a vacancy on the ballot has passed.
Apparently we will be rid of Wilber. But this raises a larger question about the willingness of the House Democratic caucus to stand silently by, knowing these allegations and such a settlement were out there, but keeping mum to protect a seat in the legislature.


DC said...

It's to bad my step mother lost an election to that fruitcake 4 years ago. What is going on in Colebrook- first the fire chief and now the state rep?

Headless Horseman said...

It's sad but what is worse is that Democratic leadership knew about this for as long as they did, and they were silent for political purposes. it's a complete disgrace.

Bob Swick said...

Obviously if he was a Republican he would be up for trial, but because he is a Democrat it is perfectly acceptable. At least the Republicans will gain that seat. This is a disgrace to the taxpayers of Connecticut.

mccommas said...

Do Democrat state representatives/ child molesters get some sort of ‘get out jail free’ coupon as a fringe-benefit of their caucus or something?

I recall a Republican mayor from Waterbury got sent up for life while this is the second time a Democrat has beaten the rap.
I just feel sorry for child. He or she should have our deepest sympathies. I know people who have been molested and they are never really right again even as adults.

Liberal selective standards are particularly unforgiveable in this circumstance.
When something like this happens I keep thinking of Rowland and how he went on the TV and tried to Clinton his way out of impeachment. Rowland foolishly thought he could just go through the same motions Slick Willy did and Republicans would rally around him like the Democrats in front of his house.

WRONG! I am quite proud of the fact that my letter to the editor calling upon Rowland to resign was printed in the same edition that Rob Simmons called for the same on page one. We all independently came to same inescapable conclusion.

Republicans have one standard and that’s what makes us better than them.