Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sen. Paul Doyle: Scam Artist

In case there are a few of you out there who still don't believe that the Democrats who make up the majority in the Legislature in Hartford aren't a bunch of hypocrites who game the system to their advantage, and don't follow the rules they invent for everyone else to follow, take the example of Wethersfield's own glorious State Senator Paul Doyle.

In a story broken by Jon Lender at the Courant, it is revealed that Doyle, who does legal work for the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (a quasi-state entity with a checkered history), had CRRA defer payments to him to the next calendar year so he would not reach a threshold establishing him as a state contractor under the new public campaign finance laws that he and his fellow Democrats foisted on the state.

Had Doyle reached that threshold, he and his law firm partners would have been unable to donate to other Democratic candidates.

Here are the questions: Why was the CRRA complicit in allowing this scam to take place? Who authorized the deferment of pay to Doyle for political purposes?

And most importantly, how are people supposed to take seriously a politician and a candidate such as Doyle when he says he wants to clean up the election process by eliminating money from state contractors from the democratic process, except for when he himself is the state contractor?

It really gets fatiguing to watch disingenuous political hacks like Doyle. He takes in money as an attorney, takes in a salary as a State Senator, and utilizes his post in the legislature to land plum gigs like the CRRA so he can vacuum up even more taxpayer dollars, then to top it off, scams the system so he can take some of that taxpayer money he gets paid and donate it to other Democrats. His campaign doesn't need much, you see, because we taxpayers are already paying for that too under the taxpayer-funded campaign system he supported.

It is jackasses like Doyle who cause most people to think all people in public service suck; a position getting harder to debate against.


Bob Swick said...

I will assume that educated and logical voters will vote this Senator out of office next week. Also I will assume our Attorney General will launch an immediate investigation - yes I am not kidding even though he is a Democrat.

mccommas said...

Oh Bob...... I used to be like you!

Such confidence in your fellow man. You are headed for a very big fall.

Headless Horseman said...

Yeah, they'll put this tool right back in the legislative toolbox. The people of Connecticut apparently enjoy screwing themselves. In fact, most voters have hairy palms and are going blind at this point...

Connecticut Man1 said...

I am all for going after corruption and I don't care which side of the aisle it comes from. In a "two-sides of the same coin" party system you have to watch everyone carefully. Thanks for the heads up on this tail.