Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love New York

This video, Found at Moonbattery, is awfully hilarious... and makes a good point. I really think Osama bin Laden would get a better reception from these morons.


mccommas said...

Well I am at the ECSU Library so I had to watch that with no sound. I think I got all it was meant to say just the same.

Just another example of how *tollerant* liberals are. Another case in point -- my car was keyed because someone did not like my "NOBOMBA" bumper sticker and the array of other pro-Republican and Anti-Che stickers.

That happened by the way the Friday after our Sarah kicked Biden’s dick in the dirt. (Her lovely mug is on one of the stickers too. The only one I am missing is one that says “Palin Power!”.)

The scraches are right next to the NOBAMA sticker so I know that’s what pissed him off. I have also been asked three times by people I didn’t know where I got it. One guy followed me into a gas station.

It was remarkable to me how deep the scratch was. It not only scraped to bare metal and practically cut the plastic on the bumper, but his key took some metal off with it too. That’s a disturbed individual with a lot of rage. I was parked out of view of the campus cammeras but someone saw him and gave a description.

The campus police just might get him. Think you will see this in the newspaper as a First Amendment Issue? Yeah right.

I thought this might happen. I wanted to prove how tollerant liberals in general and Obama fanatics in particular AREN’T. They are so predictable.

My baby will wear those scratches as a badge of honor. After the election I will fix it with the spray paint the dealership gave me when I bought her.

What did get the attention of the he paper is someone stole 5 Obama lawn signs. What a tragity and afront to Free Speech that was!

Headless Horseman said...

Yeah, if you go to Moonbattery, you can see where some libs actually lit a McCain sign on fire in someone's yard. Let's face it, there are retarded vandals on both sides, but the press manages to focuss only on the anti-Obama destruction.

CT Bob said...

That really sucks, sorry about your car. Vandalism doesn't win elections, it only makes people hate more. I'm a bit worried that my "McCain't" sticker may attract the same sort of response from the GOP rabble.

A friend had SIX Obama signs disappear from her front yard. In Guilford. These were individual incidents to single signs, not all at once. Even one she needed a ladder to nail to a branch of a tree was stolen. Which means the vandals needed to bring a friggin' ladder to do their dirty work.

It's always nice to see voters who are motivated, but I only wish they'd put their efforts to better use!

Headless Horseman said...

Yeah, I remember one election year where I went through a string of my campaign lawn signs disappearing. It is a total waste of time on the part of the thieves, and really doesn't help win or lose an election any more than putting the sign up in the first place probably does.

The vandals on both sides are D-bags.

Anonymous said...

Obama supporters would get the same kind of reception if they rallied for Obama in the wrong place. That's the reality of politics. People who didn't support Bush's policies spent a good deal of his first-term and much of his second term being treated like this and worse. Being told they they were unpatriotic, didn't love their country, loved terrorists, that they should leave the country if they disagreed with Republican policies, and being called horrible things that I won't repeat here...For you to say that 'Osama Bin Laden would get a better treatment from these people' is deeply offensive and makes you no less a moron than these people supposedly are. These people are Americans and love their country too, whether you're capable of realizing it or not.

mccommas said...

Ms. Amelia Pelham

You know I am really sick of people like you and your moral relativism.

Let me ask you something. Is it OK to point out someone as unpatriotic if someone is authentically Un-American?
To hear you Obama types talk, there has never been an unpatriotic person ever since the creation of the Union.

Well let’s start with something small. How about Benedict Arnold? Was he unpatriotic Ms. Pelham? Was he the worst traitor in American history or is he misunderstood?

Nor will I accept your argument that just as many Republicans are out vandalizing cars. Republicans as a rule have things called manners and self control. We think there is a nice crisp line between right and wrong.

That’s what I exercise every time I drive by a big 4’ X 4’ "Joe Courtney for Congress" sign. I want to throw a tomato on it. He is the most useless congressman we have ever had. He makes Sam Gejdenson look good.

I would love to hear the ‘splat’. But then I feel guilty for even thinking that. Mom would not approve. She raised me better than that.

She raised me to be a gentleman but there are times to call them like I see them. And you know Mom also had something else to say – She told me that when someone hits me, to hit them back.

Keying my car was wrong and the person who did it should be arrested and charged. My car is my property. Hands off.

I think if you people lose that there will be riots in the street. And then you will be here again finding some way to rationalize that too.

Judy Aron said...

Well I think this is rather sad. It is an indication of the total divide in our country and the brainwashing of millions of Americans by Cable TV news. The sad fact is that neither of these candidates will be calling the shots...there are forces much bigger than them that will be in control and already are. Both candidates are being used to pit us one against the other while our civil liberties are being eroded and power is being given to people like Paulson and Bernanke.
Americans are blind to what is really going on while they are focused on hating each other for their choices and beliefs.