Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bears Invade!

It seems that there has been a notable increase this spring and summer of bear sightings in Connecticut communities. Some have speculated that their natural habitat has been disturbed, sending them out into civilization. Perhaps Global Warming has screwed up their natural instincts...

A recent sighting in New Britain was caught on video and can be seen here. There is also coverage in the Courant here. Last month a black bear was seen in Hamden. The story is here!

Last month a black bear was also spotted in Bridgeport. But allegedly, when police caught up with Mayor John Fabrizi, he was warned that the next time he wandered naked through a neighborhood at night to eat out of trash cans, he may want to shave his back for fear of being shot with a tranquilizer dart.

The black bear problem is so serious now, the state DEP has a web site for you to report sightings: Go here if you have a report!

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