Friday, June 22, 2007

Horseman joins Connecticut Local Politics

I am pleased to announce that Ghengis Conn has asked me to join the team over at the preeminent state political blog, Connecticut Local Politics, as a conservative front page poster. I have gladly accepted his kind invitation.

Currently, Connecticut Local Politics is run by Ghengis Conn, and two liberal front pagers, Caffeinated Geek Girl and Gabe, and two conservative posters, Disgruntled Republican and now myself. All of these folks, as well as the numerous commentators on the site from all sides of the political spectrum make this site lively and fun.

I have already made my first contribution there. Please take some time to go visit CTLP, and join in the debate.

This blog will continue forward, and my joining CTLP will not draw away from what I do here, so make sure to keep checking back!