Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Search for Humility Continues

Just as O.J. continues to search for the real killer, former Governor John Rowland's quest for humility carries on. An Associated Press report from over the weekend that caught up with Rowland finds the former governor as narcissistic as ever.

Rowland's ten month sentence on bribery and corruption convictions seems all to light when you consider that celebu-tard Paris Hilton received a 45 day sentence in the slammer.

It has been nearly three years since Rowland left office in disgrace, and Governor Jodi Rell has since done an admirable job cleaning up the various messes left behind by him. That capable stewardship earned Rell an overwhelming election to the office for her own full term last fall.

But Rowland has some bitterness toward Rell. "Jodi acted like we weren't even friends," he said. "[She] threw me under the bus when it got rough." Rell was likely upset at Rowland's betrayal of his office and the public confidence. He also betrayed her. He threw himself under the bus when he sold his office for repairs to his cottage, a hot tub and flights on private jets and stays at posh locations.

When his press coverage started to suck because the press wouldn't give up pursuing his misdeeds, he summarily fired two loyal members of his press team. One might say he threw those people under the bus.

Rowland's ruminations about politics are perhaps most revealing: "It's the place for the ego-driven, and that was me... I still have to watch it. You know, I get some applause and I start to get those old feelings. I have to watch out for that arrogance. You're always in recovery." Recovery? Is there a five-step program to recover from arrogance?

He continues: "A lot of people in state government made more than me most of the time. My chief of staff made $125,000 or something like that. I think my press secretary made a buck ten. You begin thinking, 'I'm making nothing compared to a lot of other people..."

Rowland's pattern of corruption and misdeeds seems to have begun as far back as when he was in Congress in the early 1980's. Are we to believe he has always been so behind the eight ball in pay? Is this generating sympathy? With one statement, Rowland takes blame, and with the next he tries to spread it around a little.

Claiming now to earn around $60,000 a year, while also volunteering a couple times a week teaching job interview skills, resume writing and speaking to a class of recovering drug addicts, and painting a lonely image of himself with his dog, Rowland should be happy he's out of prison. Former Senator Ernie Newton got five years, and former Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim received nine years for corruption.

Rowland really ought to still be in prison. He betrayed the trust of the people of Connecticut, and let a lot of true believers down.


Robert said...

Is there a five-step program to recover from arrogance?

Yes there is. It begins by standing 4 feet from a cliff; and taking 5 steps.

Seriously though why even give this guy the press time HH. He isn't worth it. He isn't worth our contempt. Nobody's perfect but when the whole point of your job is to serve the public and you can't even handle that honestly then the only thing you deserve is a future filled with obscurity.

Let him join the ranks of Weicker, Ganim, and Giordano as they slip into history (I name Weicker because of the Income Tax which was practically a criminal act) as CT politicians who fooled the public, did their damage and then slinked away. Never to be heard from again.

But yes, he should have served a longer sentance.

mccommas said...

Rowland is an embarrassment but he was still a better governor than Rell.