Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Healy Should Remain

The news that broke late last night that Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy was arrested for DUI in South Carolina last month may come as little surprise to those who think they know him. His past struggles with alcoholism are no secret, as he had a publicized prior arrest in 2002.

Healy's recent arrest was on May 15th. He was in South Carolina to attend a presidential debate. He now stands to lose his license for a year, as this is his second offense. He should face the full legal consequences of his actions. The incident five years ago should have taught him to keep from behind the wheel when intoxicated.

Publicly admitting alcoholism is a tough thing to do, as is taking responsibility for one's actions. Healy has done both, and he should be respected for it. And I do wish him well as he struggles to recover from a grave addiction that many grapple with.

There is, of course, a political side to the matter. Healy made these revelations within weeks of the Republicans State Central Committee's election for chairman. He intends to seek re-election to the post for a full term. Should Healy remain chairman? That is up to the 72 members of the CT GOP State Central Committee, but I for one believe he should remain.

There are those who are calling for Healy's skin. Most of these are libs and Democrats who are seizing on a cheap opportunity to try to make political hay. I care not what this group of demagogues and hypocrites have to offer. These are the same people who were silent when people like State Representative Kevin Ryan (D-Montville) or State Representative Patricia Dillon (D-New Haven) received their DUI offenses. Ryan's three offenses were particularly notable as he spent some time in prison as a result. Dillon still seems drunk constantly, but that may be due to ill-fitting dentures slurring her speech.

Healy would not be the first person in politics to get a DUI, nor will he be the last. In Rhode Island they say it isn't springtime until a Kennedy has driven on the sidewalk.

But the reason Healy should remain is because of his talents. He is a gifted political mind, shrewd, quick, and astute. He is also a brilliant writer and speaker, and has been an excellent chairman since his tenure began. I believe he is still the man to lead our party through these stormy political times, and know he has the energy, drive and talent to accomplish significant wins for Republicans across Connecticut. Feeding him to the wolves would cheapen our party, and do wrong by a good man.

I call on the members of the Republican State Central Committee to do the right thing and return Healy to the chairmanship as we head into an absolutely critical municipal election season, and a watershed state and presidential election in 2008.

Healy is the man to spread the Republican message to Connecticut voters. Let's keep him in the chair.


David said...

Rep. Floren (R) was also arrested for drunk driving a couple of years ago. Lest we forget her as well.

Headless Horseman said...

I also remember Bill Varese (R). He drove drunk from a strip bar in Bridgeport, in the middle of the afternoon, getting up onto the sidewalk sending a mailbox and two pedestrians flying.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Good post.

Judy Aron said...

Great Post .. Chris needs our help and support not our rebuke.
He's done a good job.. he is getting help to address this problem.. he deserves a chance here.

Robert said...

I've known Mr. Healy since I worked with him and Ben Proto on the 2000 McCain Presidential campaign. What a nice guy. I am sorry to hear about his personal problems. No one likes their dirty laundry aired in public.

That said, if he were running for Senate or the House on a state or federal level I would have to say that the DUI thing makes him a bad role model and maybe not the best candidate.

And had he killed someone while behind the wheel it is doubtful that whether or not he could retain his leadership would even be under discussion.

Having grown up in a family with years of alcohol problems I have little pity for those who allow the problem to persist. Denial in the face of a police record shows a true lack of character.

But considering the chairmanship is a largely behind the scenes job with little to no public profile I don't see why he shouldn't be re-elected. As HH pointed out he is a great writer, a man of vision, and despite not being perfect I have no doubt that he knows what he did was wrong.

If all we want in office are men of perfect character we will only end up with what we have now which is a mix of milquetoast wafflers in a pool of politicos crafty enough to bury their own skeletons deep enough to avoid detection.

That's a little like dropping puppies in a swimming pool full of piranha.

And is why no one can't get anything done anymore. We need to learn to accept all of our public figures, warts and all as the fallable human beings they are and support those who are strong role models who rise above their imperfections.

If Chris Healy detoxed, got on the wagon and spent the next decade clean I'd vote for him for anything he wants to run for. He is an excellent human being.

Pamela said...

If all we want in office are men of perfect character we will only end up with what we have now which is a mix of milquetoast wafflers in a pool of politicos crafty enough to bury their own skeletons deep enough to avoid detection.


Sue said...

I appreciate Chris Healy's abilities tremendously. I am very disappointed that leaders who I respect Keep giving the Dem's fodder. I am busting my hump to become a leader in my party and I make sure I keep myself out of trouble. Is it too much to expect the same courtesy from our leaders?
It is not that hard to stay out of trouble and do the right things.

ConnecticutYankeeInFlorida said...


Lets see, we have someone who was caught in a DWI? Ok, lets see, did he kill a female who was not his wife while driving off a bridge -- and LEFT HER TO DROWN? Lets see, did he say he was going to a late night vote at the house?
Ok, seriously, DID he have to much to drink, or was he tired? I'm not sure, however, I know that he need our support.

mccommas said...

I have a DWI myself and I hope never to get another one. I am very careful now.

I think he should go, not because he screwed up but because he is Rell's man.

We should punish Rell for proposing that budget by dumping her pick as chairman.

Liberals of ethier party suck.