Friday, June 15, 2007

Will the Democrats Kill Cookie Puss?

Carvel, the ice cream and frozen dessert giant, has announced it will open a new 120,000 square foot plant in downtown New Britain. This is certainly a coup for New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart and Governor M. Jodi Rell, adding an estimated 225 new jobs over the next three years.

However, under Connecticut's prevalent anti-business climate, businesses have been evacuating the state on pace with its native population. That evacuation has lost us over 240,000 state residents according to the Yankee Institute. Will Carvel survive in a state economy that is constantly hampered, dampened and tampered with by legislative Democrats?

We know Republicans can sell a company on the benefits of Connecticut's location and appeal. Rell and Stewart have proven that once again. Also, predictably, when Republicans enjoy this kind of success, a Democrat can be found nearby trying to take credit. A Democrat council member running for mayor named Jim Wyskiewicz claimed it was the council that should get credit because they "pass[ed] legislation." While Rell and Stewart were securing Carvel, I'm sure Wyskiewicz was passing something, alright.

Where, I wonder then, is the eagerness of Democrats to take credit for the recent loss of the Peter Paul plant in Naugatuck? The closing of this plant is costing the state 200 jobs, and no one is more squarely to blame than Democrats.

Once again, the Yankee Institute identifies the problem. Curiously enough, after the enaction of the state income tax in 1991, net job growth in Connecticut has hovered around NOTHING. Job growth had hovered around 30% for the fifteen years prior. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's happening here, but it does take Democratic ignorance to allow for it.

So yes, it's terrific news that Carvel is opening a site here. I love Carvel. No doubt, the children of Connecticut who lament the departure of Mounds Bars from our great state will welcome the massive influx of Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale desserts it will offer.

But Carvel's entrance is a soft belch against a hurricane-force wind of business adversity blowing right out of Speaker Jim Amann's and Senate President Don Williams' offices. The Democrats have engaged in a War on Business. And so far, they are winning.


ConnecticutYankeeInFlorida said...


Keep it up, Connecticut! If you want to lose more house seats (4? or 3?), keep electing these 'WONDERFUL' Democrats. What have they done for you?? Since the 1990s??
Here in Florida, we just passed the BIGGEST TAX DECREASE (yes, DECREASE!) in the history of the USA. Do you why people are moving to Florida? Because, we elected people who knows that people do not want to be TAXED to death.
Yes, Connecticut citizens, you can vote for Republicans. It might save the state. Ask yourself what the Dems done since 1990 - except making one industry profitable - the moving business!!
In the 1990s we had headquarters of Fortune 500s - like International Paper, but they moved - to Memphis. We had a old furniture factory -- HITCHCOCK, but they closed up.
It is time to seriously create a new Connecticut.

Headless Horseman said...

I have a relative that worked for Hitchcock. It was a victim of the Democrats' War on Business.

There's probably more Connecticut residents n florida than in CT now ;-)

The Real Bob Anthony said...

The only way to start is to have a CT Conservative Party--RINO Repubs NOT WELCOME! The Yankee Institute is a good way to begin. Of course, schools like U-CONN-I-STAN need to stop their practice of hiring only liberals--or do they want to be featured in a David Horowitz book?

For me as someone with Autism, I have no choice but to have big brother. I want independence from this "state" but if I leave, bye-bye financial support--SO WHAT AT LEAST I'LL HAVE FREEDOM WHEN I HEAD DOWN SOUTH!