Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Hunters

There are definitely some fascinating bills before the Connecticut General Assembly this year, and I happened upon this interesting bill prohibiting the remote hunting of birds and animals.

It is difficult to oppose this bill, and as I see from one committee vote tally, no one is.

As I understand it, this bill was brought about by a company in another state that was selling the ability for people to hunt actual live animals over the Internet, and with a point and click, they aimed and fired a remote controlled rifle into a pen of living prey maintained by the company.

Once the deed was done, the company skinned and processed the carcass and delivered it to the "hunter."

Evidently the company claimed they were providing a service to the handicapped who could not go out for an actual hunt.

I don't think there is a gun-owner or hunter out there who could consider this actual hunting. In my experience, I have only hunted animals that have a fighting chance. Pointing a mouse into a pen of trappd animals isn't hunting, it is not sportsmanship, and it isn't humane.

That aside, do we need a bill on this? Is there a threat of this kind of thing taking off? What is the need?

It may be that the General Assembly, as usual, is creating a solution when there is no problem.

What I would support is someone creating a company where you coud watch live feed of the General Assembly in session, and for a small fee, use a point and a click of the mouse and throw pies or water balloons at legislators.

Of course, Speaker Jim Amann would never get anything done, getting pelted every three seconds. And that would be good for Connecticut in more ways than one.

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mccommas said...

What a revolting website. I would vote for that bill.

Both of them :)