Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Gas on Gas from Speaker Amann

Now after seeing regular gasoline at $3.40 a gallon this morning, I am especially pleased to read in the Connecticut Post how House Speaker Jim Amann wants to raise our gas taxes to build a "world class transportation system."

That's great. Why don't you build a Westfield Shopping Center on the moon while you're at it... there will be just as many people left in Connecticut using this tremendous infrastructure improvemet as there are currently in space after all the tax increases this guy has planned for us.

Sadly, U.S.Rep Chris Shays stood with Amann to endorse this idiocy, and therefore, he should be politically skinned as well. After all, it's a real pleasure to have an unabashed tax-increaser as the lone remaining Republican Congressman in the northeast.

I am sure we all remember the way Democrats under Amann in the legislature stood in the way of the Republican effort to cut the gas tax last year? Well, that crafty Speaker attached the GOP gas tax cut to one of the versions of his tax-raising budget and when the GOP voted against it, he pointed and jumped saying he had them on record voting against their own tax cut... like anybody was retarded enough to buy that. Apart from him.

Well, not as if I really need to point this out, but apparently he was less than genuine in his offer to cut that gas tax.

So this is what we have Connecticut... our Speaker looks across this state, where you and I struggle under a tax burden he has helped create... the largest in the nation in fact, and says we aren't paying enough. This same man wants to be governor.

Go ahead Connecticut... keep voting for Democrats. Who needs money anyway?


mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

I recently decided not to run for State Senate (because of overtime demands by my real job among other things) against State Senator Don Williams but if on top of EVERYTHING else he wants to increase the gas tax, I may have to reconsider.

Are these liberals just trying to see what they can get away with or what?

On the other hand the funny thing is they are getting away with it. I am wondering just like they what they can get away with. Just how far will this state let them go before it actually votes for the other party?

I have seen no evidence so far that this state is inclined to stop them yet.

cttaxed.com said...

Dear MC,
That's my point, you have a real job you are a real person with real responsibilities, you can't afford to live on 30K$ a year.
Hence for 30K$ a year we get what we pay for. Unreal people to whom the laws of economics do not apply.
If it paid a real salary, I'd give Mother Hanely a run she would not forget.
And we'd get someone who took and passed EC101

mccommas said...

Actually I make only 25,000.