Monday, March 17, 2008

Print Media Going Down the Flusher

Hooray for the New Haven Register!

Every year we are treated to more and more stupidity at the state capitol... bills about bullhooks, official state cookies, creating dog war memorials... the list goes on. Never mind the tax increases, business-killing measures and job-crushing legislation that drives young people out of our state by the truckload.

There's also the corruption there. Not just the John Rowland type, but the kinds of abuses Speaker Jim Amann has engaged in (strong-arming lobbyists for donations to the charity he works for) or the Senator Gaffey type (duking a lobbyist who works for an organization you are developing a bill to give $1 billion of state money to).

If there was ever a time when the imbeciles in Hartford need to be watched as closely as possible, it is now. So what does the New Haven Register do? They fire their one Capitol Bureau correspondent, Greg Hladky, a veteran journalist of over 20 years, so they can cut corners.

Fortunately for all of us, while Hladky is dismissed, the Register is keeping daft and inadequate writers like Randall Beach, who treats us to columns rife with the emotional sophistication of a twelve-year old girl.

Apparently the Register feels it is more important for us to read fluff about retiring barbers than to find out what the latest thing is that the state legislature is trying to do to us.

Print media is not dead yet, but boneheaded moves like this guarantee that its days are numbered. Thanks so much, New Haven Register... you really have your finger on the public pulse.


Vader, Chad said...

The illustreous JRC has ruined every paper it has put its greedy little mits on. I feel for Greg, but in reality this is th best thing that could hav happened to him. Randy Beach, on the other, hand is a quintessential over-educated, up-tight, holier-than-thou, latte liberal piece of excriment.

heraldhater#1 said...

Sorry for Greg, but this is indicative of the JR. Get rid of the only good reporters left in their respective papers and kill it. In fact in NB they have recently brought back two failed employees who have succeeded to run every credible person from their ranks. The self proclaimed liberal idiot running the paper has his henchman, a drug induced moron, playing politics with everything he can get his hands on. Just leave them alone and they will die a slow death as their circulation has dropped below that of a high school paper. All should read the Courant at least they write to a higher standard.