Wednesday, March 19, 2008

O blah blah

It was a much-anticipated speech which, if you ask me, accomplished the opposite of what it intended, and may end up costing the silver-tongued Obama the Democratic nomination.

This was an opportunity to distance himself from Reverend Wright, and instead he embraced him under the guise of forgiveness... the kind of forgiveness he could not see a reason to extend to someone such as Don Imus when he called for that man's termination because of his use of a racial slur.

I did not appreciate the suggetion that the Reagan coalition was built around the exploitation of racial issues. Nothing can be further from the truth. Reagan delivered a message of optimism and hope for all Americans. If Obama really wants to get these mysterious "Obam-icans" to appear, anti-Reagan rhetoric is not the way to do it.

I think it was a weak speech delivered from a defensive posture. A posture he hasn't had to take since his candidacy caught fire with liberals. He is inexperienced as a campaigner, and has a thin resume, and we are seeing that now.

Hillary smells blood... and here she comes for the kill...

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mccommas said...

Well I will say here what I am not allowed to say at Connecticut Local Politics (apparently I have been banned for life):

Birds of a feather flock together.

Senator Obama, his wife and Wright are not really that far apart.