Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Postcards from the Edge of Hypocrisy

When the long thread of history winds back upon itself, and the doings of mortal men are measured in their completeness against one another, surely none will come within metric miles of the record Rep. Chris Caruso has amassed as first among all demagogues.

It seems that if a thing will not generally offend common people, shamelessly advance himself, or assert his deluded sense of righteousness and brilliance over the common man that he clearly holds as stupid, it is not a thing worth doing.

As CT News Junkie reports today, Rep. Chris Caruso, in his capacity as Chairman of the GAE Committee, has sent a letter to the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce inquiring about their hiring of former Governor John G. Rowland. The letter, co-authored by his GAE vice chair Diana "Bullhook" Urban, asks a lot of questions they have no authority to require answers to, but culminates with an impressive assertion:

"As legislators, it is our obligation to diligently protect public funds." That is most impressive rhetoric! And a fascinating position for he and Urban to take after so heatedly advocating the use of over $10 million of these funds every campaign season to buy bumper stickers, lawn signs, postcards, and other political junk.

Yesterday, Caruso's GAE Committee discussed and approved a bill that he introduced that would establish the same standards for a court order on a new primary as a court order for a new election. Caruso introduced this bill as a result of his personal experiences in being unable to sue his way into the Bridgeport mayor's office.

The irony is, on the same day's agenda was a bill that prohibits a lobbyist from sitting on a board or commission. Presumably because they would have the very kind of conflict of interest Caruso has in introduing a bill of personal interest and benefit to him.

Life as Chris Caruso must be easy. If you win, profess superiority. If you lose, sue someone. If someone disagreees with you, question their character. Best of all, if you and someone else do the same thing, they are wrong and you are right.


Anonymous said...

I love those two, Urban & Caruso. We can do no wrong. What hypocrites. Urban stood up and professed that this'll be the year for ethical change. Well, where was her conviction last year before she offered her own proposal to allow her to be both a State Rep. and a college professor? There is a law against that for good reason.

And Caruso, offering a bill in response to his failed run for mayor. News clips from that GAE meeting describe bills about ethical standards public officials must meet and bans lobbyists may face if appointed to boards.

But were there bills that bar self-serving legislators from introducing legislation that will directly benefit them? No, and there shouldn't be. The legislature should not legislate common sense.

mccommas said...

I don't understand the intent of Caruso's bill. He lost. What’s broken? I truly don’t understand.

Why is there any need for a re-vote in such a case? Aren't primaries and elections supposed to be final?