Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two Balls, Three Strikes

Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly are doing their best to develop a body of work to truly be ashamed of this session.

Yesterday the Judiciary Committee's Democrats defeated another "Three Strikes" measure proposed by Republicans. It went down 25-16.

The last time the Democrats defeated this bill, someone with power suggested that any Democrats voting in favor of the Republican amendment should be immediately castrated. If that policy is still in effect, two of the three Democrats voting in favor of the measure yesterday have nothing to fear, as Reps. Mary Fritz and Gail Hamm are women. However, Jeffery Berger of Waterbury may want to wear a protective device.

The real "Profiles in Courage Award" goes to Democrat Sate Senator Ed Meyer, who apparently snuck out and missed the vote, and was immediately asking questions in the committee's public hearing minutes later. He's so clever!

There was gut-wrenching testimony from Petit family members concerning this measure only days ago, begging the legislature to enact this bill. But while Connecticut Democrats want to be certain that a non-violent criminal like John Rowland gets absolutely no chance at redemption, they seem to be working hard to make sure that rapists, killers and home invaders get all the slack they can cut them.

At least we can congratulate Jefferey Berger... the only Democrat with two balls on "Three Strikes."

For the rest of them, they ought to have deep shame.

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mccommas said...

You mean someone in Hartford other than Susan Bysiewicz has a complete set?

That’s news to me bro!

Actually I oppose this kind of idea because I think its justice by autopilot. I think the best way to go about sentencing is to have a mean, cranky conservative Republican judge in the high chair who can separate those dirtbags who deserve a second (or third or fourth) chance from those dirtbags who don’t. You can’t legislate common sense. It always comes down to someone making a judgement call.

I understand why the Republicans pushed this idea in that every judge RINO Rell appoints is a bleeding heart liberal but I still think it’s the wrong approach. I have heard to many hard luck stories about petty nonviolent criminals getting far to much time with these laws. I was for them but I have changed my mind.