Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reign of Terror... in Your Pants

Apparently if you are a House Democrat and oppose Speaker Amann it will cost you a significant portion of your genitals.

The Everyday Republican is reporting a strange piece of business from last night's special session. Evidently as the vote was going down on the Republican amendment to the criminal justice bill which would have attached a strong "Three Strikes" portion, someone was caught on the microphone at the Speaker's dais saying the following concerning those Dems about to vote on the amendment:

“This requires the immediate castration of all people suspected of even thinking about (voting for) it…’’

The video apparently doesn't make it clear as to who uttered the menacing words, but since some Democrats did in fact vote for the measure, it would probably be advisable for someone to take a testicle count in their caucus. It shouldn't take too long. You can do it on one hand.

If you ask me, the criminals impacted by the bill should be castrated... not with surgery either. Preferably gravy and a Rottweiller. But the legislators? There's already too few balls to be found in the Democratic caucus.

I think that when your arrogance with a supermajority has attained the level where you feel comfortable announcing to the world that you will actually violently remove your opponents scrotum, you may have crossed some sort of line.


Clint said...

Holy Cajones Headless!!!

Is this true?!! How come no one is writing about it at CTLP?

It sounds like our male Democrat State Representatives ought to carry an athletic supporter...and cup to every session day.

Judy Aron said...

Well I guess Senator Gaffey is glad not to have been a House member during that vote.. education funding depends on his endowment "so to speak".....

Headless Horseman said...

The Senate Democrats are much more refined. The leaders there only threaten to take away your parking spaces, offices and staff when you fall out of line, not remove your testicles.