Tuesday, January 22, 2008

McCain, Lieberman & Shays

Wow. That triumvirate of names really gets the leftwing blogosphere upset!

No one apart from George Bush himself grabs Connecticut lefties by the short and curly netroots more decidedly than these three men. Mention any one of their names in the presence of a leftwing blogger, and you are sure to get 80 GB of angry crap. What do you do when all three are working in harmony?!?

Senator Joe Lieberman, and Rep. Christopher Shays have endorsed Senator John McCain for the presidency. They have now been announced as the chairs for his campaign in Connecticut. To the state's leftwing blogosphere, this must comparable to Skeletor and Dick Dastardly going to work for Doctor Octopus at the Legion of Doom.

When you have the opportunity, be sure to enrage lefty bloggers by mentioning all three names in a single post if you can. You may summon the Devil himself.

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