Wednesday, January 30, 2008

He's got a Crush... on Connecticut!

House Speaker Jim Amann is ready to announce that he will seek the Democratic nomination for Governor on Thursday evening in Milford. This is really more fun than I could have hoped for!

The far left hate Jim Amann because he stood behind Joe Lieberman in his campaign for the Senate after losing the nomination to Ned Lamont. We all remember the altercation with Connecticut bloggers at the train station, where he threatened to crush an opponents.

The right hate him because he's a liberal toolbox.

I am actually excited about this! Imagine how this is going to go. Amann's every move will now be viewed through the prism of aspiring to higher office, and he is no media darling.

One other item of interest... Bob Frankel, who now serves as Amann's chief of staff will apparently be serving as Amann's campaign treasurer. It makes me wonder if the people who come to deal with Amann's staff will actually now be dealing with his campaign staff entrenched in state offices.

A conflict of interest? Jim Amann specializes in them.

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