Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kane Beats Curran

Watertown Councilman Rob Kane has pulled out a magnificent win in the 32nd District against Democrat Kenny Curran.

The Everyday Republican has more on the results here.

The win appears to have been a convincing one, with Kane getting nearly 65% of the vote as it stands now. Curran did apparently manage to win in Bethlehem, which is pretty remarkable. Of course, Curran does live there.

The treatment of this race in the Connecticut political blogosphere has laid bare a growing problem... the sissification of the political blogosphere.

If you want to amuse yourself, check out this thread over at CTLP, where my treatment of Ken Curran is criticized by a regular liberal contributer there.

The accusation is that I engaged in "gutter politics" by talking about Curran's appearance, and failed to focus on substantial issues. These withering accusations have made me feel horribly guilty.

It is true.... I did say Curran had a little goat beard that looked like he put glue on his face and rolled around in lint. I did say that after he shaved he looked like a twelve-year old who had put on his dad's blazer for his first job.

I made fun of the "I'd rather be blogging" T-shirt, and noted that he... err... didn't look like he got to the gym too much.

I did postulate that, as a self-avowed blogger, he spent many nights in the basement in his underoos, pounding his keyboard while eating Funyuns and chugging Stop & Shop Pineapple soda. I also theorized that he was probably an avid Dungeons & Dragons player.

I am still mystified as to why he sought a job that would require him to put on pants.

But that isn't all I talked about. I attacked his simple-minded approach to good government which included a pledge to never meet with any lobbyist unless five of his constituents took a day off from work to chug up to the capitol with them, universally applying this absurd standard to those lobbying on behalf of the American Cancer Society, as well as Justice for Janitors(The M.S. Society doesn't require a lobbyist. They have the Speaker).

I attacked his mailer on Kane which accused him of irresponsibly missing Council meetings in Watertown when he was absent due to his mother's death.

I made light of the fact that Curran pitched himself as Jim Maloney's war advisor.

I noted that Curran clearly has a hot head considering the harassment charges he had to deal with over his threatening midnight calls to a political foe that caused him to do 20 hours of community service.

I also wondered aloud why Democrats would deny a much more viable candidate, a former ambassador, and give the nomination to a hack.

So, I believe there was plenty of substance criticized here. The rest was icing on a delicious cake.

Congratulations to Rob Kane on an excellent victory.

To the loser... may I offer these as a condolence:


Fly to the right said...

But Kenny was going to change the way government works in Hartford! I hope he runs again. That was fun.

Headless Horseman said...

Too true. And he was actually a pretty good sport about the crap I gave him, so I have to at least give him credit there...