Friday, January 11, 2008

Democrats Undermining Our Troops

A reminder of who has said what is always healthy if you ask me.


mccommas said...

I wish I could forget.

X said...

who has actually served in the military and who hasn't?

Hmmm, interesting.

mccommas said...

I believe in calling a spade a spade so “X” here is goes:

X -- You are a liar.

That website you put up compares apples to oranges to make the Democrats looks good the Republicans bad.

Your list enumerated every Democrat congressman and senator WHO SERVED AND NO DEMOCRAT THAT DID NOT SERVE.

Then you list all the Republicans WHO DID NOT SERVE and NONE THAT DID.

Can't you be a trifle more clever than that? We are not fools you know.

John R. McCommas
U.S. Navy Veteran
USS Forrestal CV-59
G-2 Weapons Dept