Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Now for Michigan

We all know I suck at predicting the outcome of primaries... at least if my thoughts on New Hampshire were any indication. But I'm going to try again anyhow!

Conventional wisdom puts McCain and Romney in a tight race for victory in Michigan today. Mike Huckabee is apparently expected to come in third. The pundits say this win is critical for Romney, and I tend to agree to a certain point, but if he does not win, I believe he will continue on, and his campaign will not fold.

So here's my prediction... once again I am going to predict a Romney win in Michigan. While I haven't been excited about any of the Republican candidates in the mix, I am leaning toward Romney as the best viable candidate. I'm hoping he can beat McCain, whom I respect, but is off m political page too much for my comfort.

Democrats? Well, their party has punished Michigan by taking away their convention delegates because they changed the date of their primary. As a result, all the Democratic candidates pledged not to campaign or run ads in Michigan, in essence cheating Michigan voters the opportunity to participate in the process. Obama and Edwards even took themselves off the ballot there.

Now let's see if I still suck at predictions.

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mccommas said...

You respect McCain?

The man has been in the Senate so long his views are twisted to the point where he thinks campaign finance reform is a law that bans civic groups from running opinion commercials about candidates running for office at 60 days before an election.

McCain’s war record is praiseworthy.

His senate record is unpardonable.