Friday, January 25, 2008

Voting Machine Hearings

I can't think of a guy less qualified than State Representative Chris Caruso to adjudge the accuracy of the state's new voting machines. Caruso doesn't appear to even believe in them, and would apparently rather just sue to get higher offices whenever he feels entitled to them.

Despite this, The Government Administration and Elections Committee, which Caruso chairs, has announced that it will conduct five public hearings next month to evaluate the effectiveness of the new optical scan machines now being used statewide.

Many people are complaining about the lack of privacy. The old machines of course had a curtain you could pull behind you as you made your selections. The new ones do not, and many voters feel exposed. As far as I'm concerned, it's a good thing. One time I saw someone part the curtain and walk out zipping up his fly. Maybe there was too great a comfort and privacy level of voters prior to the optical scan machines.

Elements of the recount process are also expected to be reviewed, as was highlighted by the shambles of inefficiency that was the mayoral recount down in East Haven.

There will be no shortage of pomposity as the committee, including the likes of Rep. Diana Urban (D-North StoningHaven) and Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford), looks to visit East Haven, West Hartford, Norwich, Danbury and Fairfield or Norwalk.

If you live in one of those proposed towns, and you are looking for some excitement (just a tad more excitement than going out to see 'Snore! The Musical' at the Tick Tock Inn) then keep your eyes peeled for this mobile adventure.


mccommas said...

Gayle Slossberg

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She's cute too! Ha ha ha! Just kidding.

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