Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hillary Visits Connecticut

After getting her massive bottom kicked by Barack Obama in South Carolina yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton will shamble her capacious pantsuit into the Nutmeg State tomorrow morning.

However, Hillary clearly takes Connecticut for granted. Details of the visit have not been released, which makes it certain that the attendees are predetermined. And they are probably big donors. That means if you are a lowly middle class Democrat, you don't get to see the show. You're not important to her.

Hillary should take this state for granted. She has a double digit lead among registered Democrats here. I don't understand how that could be happening after that powerhouse State Representative William Tong endorsed Obama... but it is.

Perhaps on her way through Connecticut, the Courant can get another one of those classic photos like the one of her and Richard Blumenthal kissing. Blumenthal remarked last week that he was "too afraid" to ask out the former Hillary Rodham when she was attending Yale Law with him.

As you can see from this photo, any red-blooded man would quake in his shoes in the presence of this daunting beauty.

Anyhow, she won't be in Connecticut long enough to break any hearts. But if Bill is with her, he'll probably be able to sneak in a couple quickies with some College Democrat chicks.


Fly to the right said...

Thanks for the heads up,I will try to get a picture of her gargantuan head if she comes to the west side of Bradley...

Headless Horseman said...

Hope the landing strip is big enough for that caboose!