Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rigor Mortis TV

The Watercolor Painting Network. The Lawn Mowing Channel. The Geometry Network. These are all potential YouTube Channels that would be far more exciting than a Connecticut Senate Democrats Channel.

And yet, it exists.

While you have to give credit to the Senate Democrats for kicking off their spats and bravely coming out of the 19th century, do they really believe they are bringing young people in to watch their sonorous blathering?

The opening video there features Senator Martin Looney, the charismatic and charming Senate Majority Leader, in a video that demonstrates his fascinating memory concerning Heisman Trophy trivia, and Democratic talking points on the proposed Earned Income Tax Credit. The video alternates in confusing fashion between footage of Looney regurgitating an uninteresting Dem talking point, and and uninteresting Heisman Trophy tidbit.

I gather the point of the video is to demonstrate that Looney doesn't actually think for himself, and that his superior ability to remember lists of mind-numbingly dull things allows him to be a superior politician.

The subjects are so moribund and the participants so creepy, the videos ought to be narrated by Vincent Price.

If you are too lazy to commit suicide, and would prefer to be lulled into death's embrace by forcing yourself to endure footage of insensible dribble falling from Martin Looney's ashen pie hole, this is the place for you.

Sadly, nowhere on Senate Democrats TV can you find footage of Senator Edith Prague's dog crapping all over committee rooms. Nor can you find a show about the erotic exploits of libertine Senator Tom Gaffey. And despite Don Williams' mustache, there is evidently no porn.


liberty_or_death said...

being a glutton for punishment, i am glad that i will be able to more closely monitor the socialist proposals of these "wanna-euros" are trying to force upon those of us who remember and cherish the constitution of the greatest country in the world.

An since some whacked out libs are probably reading this...

That country is the United States of America!

mccommas said...

My friend Virginia Raymond who came close to defeating Williams in 96 told me once that Williams is in the wrong line of work.

Headless Horseman said...

If these guys really want to liven things up, while maintaining the dignity of the YouTube format, may I suggest uploading a belching contest between Senator Andrea Stillman and Senator Eileen Daily.