Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Rover

Because a handful of snotty, pucker-assed wealthy liberals and their mentally malformed children objected to the appearance of Karl Rove as the graduation speaker at Choate, Mr. Rove has agreed to appear at the school for a speaking engagement next month instead.

Rove was quoted in the New Haven Register this morning:

"I would not want 12 minutes of remarks to be used as an excuse by a small group to mar what should be a wonderful day of celebration for the members of the 2008 graduating class and their families."

Naturally, this is a classy move, because if we know anything, we know that when self-righteous liberals, who don't give a damn about wrecking a graduation ceremony with what they consider to be a morally just protest, will stop at nothing to attempt to turn the commencement address into a circus. Most of these protesters would have been outsiders, too.

We'll still get to see these morons protest. Rove's speaking engagement there will take place on February 11th. And then we'll get to see the losers who would have disrupted the commencement address. My prediction: over 100 will show up, but only 5 will be taking a day off from work.


Steve said...

I would have loved to have Rove speak at my high school graduation. All I got was my overweight bumbling principal and an acne ridden thai girl.

I guess that's public education for you.

mccommas said...

That was classy of him. I would have showed and let them make asses of themselves.

My sister skipped her college graduation (Eastern) because a bunch of liberals objected to a guy named "Bean" speaking. Bean was a conservative columnist for our student newspaper.

He also graduated first in his class which was why he got to speak. The local rag here said he had given up his right to speak.

Gee wiz. Has the First Amendment been abolished in the last couple of years or is that just campaign finance reform?

Ever notice how conservatives tend to be the thinkers and the liberals....not so much?

So often liberals now a days want to stop the debate rather than risk losing the argument.