Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dispatches from the Future

State Sena-Mayor Bill Finch has put out a press release this afternoon announcing that he has gone to Hartford, voted on criminal justice reforms at the special session today, and resigned his seat to the Secretary of State to focus on being Mayor of Bridgeport.

There's just one problem... the Senate has barely begun debating the bill. His press release was sent from the future!

Now, I know it's standard form for these guys to prepare releases in advance of things. But Finch has taken the unusual step of not embargoing his release, or even waiting to see if the things he mentions in his release make it through without amendments attached or other changes. He presumes an awful lot in announcing future events as fact.

Or does Finch drive a DeLaurian with a flex capacitor? If so, Chris Caruso might want to drop his lawsuit attempting to overturn Finch's election, steal the DeLaurian like Biff did in Back to the Future, and go unscrew his campaign from last September.

Bridgeport's politicians... all about the future, or all about the past... never in the here and now.

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