Friday, January 4, 2008

Dodd Incinerated

Well, all good things, including living breathing political jokes, must come to an end. Senator Chris Dodd's absurd bid for the presidency was dealt its death blow by Iowa voters last night.

Despite everything Dodd did in Iowa, living there and missing over half his Senate votes in the meantime, he could never get out of the basement in the numbers game. He has now announced his withdrawal from the race.

Dodd finished DEAD LAST among Democratic presidential contenders, embarrassing himself with obtaining 0.02% of the vote, and one whole delegate (presumably because they can't cut a delegate into pieces). I almost tied Dodd and I didn't spend $15 million.

To me this is bad news. I was having a lot of fun with this silly run for the White House. I will miss the hilariously low poll numbers, the Youtube videos Dodd was releasing from the bowels of a cave somewhere Iowa or Tora Bora, and now Connecticut will have to deal with the results of his return to the Senate casting votes for us.

I was hoping Dodd would remain in the race at least long enough for the primary in Connecticut for the ultimate embarassment of having his home state reject him. But this was not to be.

Chris Dodd, I salute you! Where's my whoopie cushion?

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mccommas said...

It may be too late for him to withdraw from the CT primary. I know in other years there have been candidates who have withdrawn but were still on the ballot.

They have rewritten a lot of the rules though so maybe that’s changed. I have to call that witch at the Sec of the State’s office Monday. I will ask.

I was actually surprised to read the headline the other day that he had withdrawn. I was expecting him to stay in given his gung ho attitude before.

Well he got one delegate. Maybe he can be that delegate since he has set up residency there....