Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Special Session: Criminal Justice

Well, it took long enough for the Supermajority to hold a session addressing criminal justice reform following the tragic killings in Cheshire. The State Senate and House are addressing the matter in special session today.

Naturally, Democrats are in opposition to a "three strikes" law, which Republicans offered in the form of an amendment in the Senate earlier today, and presumably will offer in the House when they get the bill.

It should be no surprise that, after dragging their feet for over six months, Democrats will deliver a watered-down reform measure.

I'm not Bill Finch, so I can't predict the future. But I am willing to bet the measure that passes will be toothless.

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mccommas said...

I think such laws are a piss poor substitute for meany cranky conservative Republican judges that will take each case and weigh it on its merits.

That means Mr. Cranky Pants looks at a defendant at sentencing time and makes a judgment call whether or not the mitigating circumstances merit a softer sentence

 or not.
I think most first time offenders deserve a 2nd chance but you can’t write that into law. Somewhere and some way it has to come down to one person’s judgment call.

This is why I cam so pissed at Rudderless Rell (and RINO-Rowland before her) for squandering a golden opportunity to shape the judiciary in the state.

Instead these twits have treated judgeships as plums to be handed out primarily as trophies and used as bargaining chips. The end result is we get these bleeding heart judges that are soft on crime.

There have been very few Republican judges appointed and of them I am sure most of them aren’t real Republicans. They are more of the Rowland-Rell variety.