Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting Nasty

Tomorrow voters in the 32nd District will decide whether they will be represented in the State Senate by an experienced Watertown Councilman with a family and private business experience, or an inexperienced political hack who shaved his goatee and pulled his dad's ill-fitting blazer out of mothballs to run for office.

Rob Kane, a Republican Watertown Councilman with an excellent record, will face off in the special election to fill Lou DeLuca's vacated Senate seat against Ken Curran, a clown.

Curran isn't going down without a fight, regardless of the incompetence or incapacity of his attack. The Waterbury Republican American reported this morning that Curran circulated a mail piece criticizing Kane for being late by twelve minutes for a meeting once, and attacking him for missing a number of meetings which it turns out Kane missed, neglecting to mention that he missed them due to the death of his mother. Now, that's just getting nasty without anything to back you up.

This is the mark of someone who is politically green, even if he was Jim Maloney's chief war adviser. Curran has never appeared as a serious candidate, and this further demonstrates graphically just how out of his depth he is.

Following tomorrow's election, Rob Kane will hopefully join the State Senate. Ken Curran, who would rather be blogging so much that he wears clothing that declares it (I'm sure he only does this when his Aquaman underoos are in the wash), can return to that habit which doesn't require him to be anything but a blob in a bathrobe.

This will probably be a great relief to him, since the one pair of pants he owns and has abused on the campaign trail is probably about to give out.

Please... residents of the 32nd... send this indolent fool back home.


Fly to the right said...

I shall cast my vote for Kane this afternoon, do some last minute phone calling, proceed to Thomaston town hall at 8 for the final numbers, call Kane HQ with the results, then proceed to Kane HQ for a victory celebration. It should be a good night for the GOP

mccommas said...

Who are you kidding Headless?

Curran will fit right in with the rest of those bizarros, liars and thieves.